How to Grow Potatoes in Small Spaces

Grow bags or container are a great way to grow potatoes in small spaces and can be fun for the whole family.
You can grow potatoes in a burlap bag ( this is great for draining) a garbage can or tall container, but make sure it will drain well, drill some holes in the bottom.  The container or bag lets the plants spread out its roots and you can still add layers of soil.  The reason for layering is the same as hilling which I am sure you have seen on potato farms or home gardens.  The seed potato you plant will send out roots at the eye of the potato which branch out under the soil.  The more you cover the top of the roots the more roots they send out.  More roots, more potatoes!
Once you have your container ready, fill the bottom with about 4 inches of moist soil and compost mix.  Cut your seed potatoes into 2 inch chunks that have several eyes on them.  Small potatoes can be planted as they are.  Plant 5 to 7 inches apart and cover with 3 inches of moist soil.  Situate your bag or container in full sun and keep the soil moist but not soggy.  Cover the root with more soil once the plants gets to be about 7 inches.  Keep adding soil as your plant grows until you reach the top of the container.
If you are going to store them, clean the potatoes and let them cure for 2 weeks before storing them.