Ontario Potato Board

The Ontario Potato Growers Marketing Board was formed for process potato growers in 1976 by an Act of the Ontario Provincial Government.

The Fresh Potato Growers of Ontario was formed for fresh potato growers in 1979 by an Act of the Ontario Provincial Government.

The two Boards were amalgamated in 1999 as the Ontario Potato Board and consists of a Fresh Council and Process Council.

The Ontario Potato Board (OPB) is a non-profit potato grower organization that represents 120 potato growers here in Ontario, and represents the interests of the Ontario potato industry to many levels of government. The OPB works to increase the success of the potato growers in Ontario by funding research as well as marketing and promotion.

 View current Organizational Diagram here.

The board consists of 6 members, Chair, Vice Chair and 4 Directors all of which are growers. We also have a fresh council and processed council that represent the growers from each district. The councilors provide feedback and recommendation to the board. There are also a number of committees that are made up of growers.

Other committees include:

Processed Advisory Committee

Research Committee

Business Risk Management

Crop Insurance

Marketing and Development

Food safety and Environmental Issues, just to name a few.

The Ontario Potato Board is dedicated to providing consumers with delicious high-quality potatoes as well as being a resource of information and to address inquiries about potatoes, potato processing, storage, preparation and nutrition.