Taste and Texure

Russet Potatoes

Russet potatoes are a medium to large, oblong or slightly flattened oval with light to medium russet-brown, netted skin and white to pale yellow flesh.

The texture is floury, dry, light and fluffy with a hearty skin that is chewy when cooked.  Russets have a mild, earthy flavour with medium sugar content.  Baking, frying, mashing or roasted are the best method of cooking for the Russet.


Red Potatoes

Red potatoes are small to medium in size with a round to slightly oblong shape and a smooth red skin and white or yellow flesh.  The texture is waxy, moist and smooth and creamy. Red potatoes are subtly sweet with a mild medium sugar content.  Reds are best roasted, mashed or in salads or soup or stews.


White Potatoes

White potatoes are small to medium in size with a round to long shape and white or tan skin with white flesh.  The texture is medium starch, slightly creamy and slightly dense with a delicate skin.  White potatoes have a subtly sweet mild taste with low sugar content.  Whites can be mashed, steamed, boiled or fried.


Yellow Potatoes

Yellow potatoes are marble to large size, round or oblong shape with a light tan to golden skin with a yellow or golden flesh. The texture is slightly waxy, velvety and moist.  Yellow potatoes are subtly sweet with a rich buttery taste and medium sugar content. Grilling, roasting, mashing or in salads are the best method of cooking this type of potato. 


Blue/Purple Potatoes

Blue/purple potatoes are small to medium size with an oblong to fingerling shape.  They are a deep purple with a blue or slightly red skin and blue, purple lavender, pink or white flesh.  The texture is a moist firm flesh. These potatoes have an earthy, nutty flavour and have low sugar content.  Blue/purple colour is best preserved by micowaving but steaming and baking are good as well.


Fingerling Potatoes

Fingerlings are 2-4” long and finger shaped, they can be red, yellow, purple or white skin and the flesh can be red, yellow, purple, yellow or white and sometimes can be streaked with veins of colour.  The texture is waxy but firm.  Fingerlings have a buttery, nutty, earthy taste with medium sugar content.  These potatoes are best fried or roasted and are good in salads


Small Potatoes

These small bite sized potatoes are actually a grade standard based upon size.  They are the same skin and flesh colours as the larger types and therefore the shape and texture are the same.