Increasing Turns

Tips for Increasing Turns

  • If your restaurant is equipped to hold a small line-up of customers you will always have someone waiting for when a table frees up. If you prefer to give your customers the option of reservation, try to create that option only Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Offer your guests in line a small hand-held appetizer so they don’t mind the wait in line.
  • Restaurant pagers are always a handy tool to communicate with staff or customers during busy periods and to ensure customers settle into a table as quickly as possible.
  • Serving the food quickly and having experienced servers always helps in an establishment. Should you have an inexperienced server, have them follow an experienced server for a short while until they feel comfortable.
  • Ensure you have enough space between tables to enable your servers to move quickly and efficiently throughout their environment.
  • Know your customers – when they look like they are restless provide them with the bill and ensure them they can stay as long as they want, however, they will usually pack up after a short while.